Fairy Lake Screensaver

Fairy Lake Screensaver

Fairy Lake Screensaver will take you to a world of fantasy

Are you tired of the usual boring screensavers flooding the Internet? Would you like something that is appealing to the eye, and that will help you to relax? Fairy Lake Screensaver will take you to a world of fantasy.

This really beautiful screensaver will show you a magic forest with a lot of trees, plants, lakes and much more.

The graphics are excellent and very realistic. You will really get to feel as if you were right there.

You arrive to the shore of a gorgeous lake in the middle of the forest. But this is not an ordinary lake. People say that fairies and other wonderful animals inhabit it.

This unique screensaver combines the very realistic graphics of the lake, with many colorful animals that appear all around the lake. You might even get confused in separating reality and fantasy.

Fairy Lake Screensaver comes with excellent sounds of nature adding realism to the scenery.

This is a screensaver that will really help you to relax. But be careful! You might stay watching it too long, waiting to see more of those wonderful animals, and could forget to go back to work.

Fernando Soni
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  • It's beautiful and relaxing
  • The combination of realism and animated characters is innovative


  • Not worth mentioning
  • The combination of images is a little strange
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